Our History & Mission

Light & Life began very quietly in 1966 without any inkling of some day becoming a major Orthodox Publishing Company. It was launched with its first publication of Eastern Orthodoxy: A Way of Life  by Anthony Coniaris. While the author had no plans to write this book (or any book for that matter) in hindsight, it is quite clear that God had other plans. The book came about due to the relentless promptings of a retired school teacher who exhorted her local priest to compile his sermons in book form for others’ spiritual benefit. Slowly, other publications followed. Over time, more than 200 titles have been published by Light & Life. Additionally, a host of booklets and pamphlets on various topics have also been printed.

The first catalog covered a total of eight pages. Over time it grew to be over 200 pages containing all of our publications in addition to a treasure trove of titles on Orthodoxy by a variety of Orthodox sources. Also included were Bibles, Prayer Books, Icons, Byzantine jewelry, gift items, worship items, note cards, children’s material, cookbooks, software, CDs, audio, religious education materials and more.

We felt God’s hand on this company from the beginning and because of this our mission at Light & Life is to:
Increase the personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Church through the written word, serve our customers efficiently, and bring ultimate glory to the life-giving Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

From its humble beginnings, now over 60 years later, Light & Life became one of the largest Orthodox Distributors in the world. We believe that this was due to God’s grace and your patronage.

There are now three sources to obtain our Light & Life titles: www.bookbaby.comorthodoxmarketplace.com or www.amazon.com.  All titles will be referenced with the appropriate source. Our continual prayer is that these books encourage each reader to shine their light a bit brighter for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Patty Christopulos
President of Light & Life