Department of Religious Education

Department of Religious Education

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Retreats and Seminars

Retreats and Seminars

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Letter To Our Customers

Dear Light & Life Customers,
Light & Life books are available at the Department of Religious Education in Brookline, MA. Click on the Orthodox Marketplace link at the top of this page to peruse our titles or place an order.

Light & Life eBooks are obtainable at both and Click on those links to peruse the available titles. More & more books authored by Anthony M. Coniaris will become available at the BookBaby site. Keep checking as titles are added.

Does your church want to offer a retreat based on one of our titles? Please click the Retreats & Seminars link.

We remain thankful to our Lord who has guided this ministry for a half of century and pray that you will continue to utilize Light & Life materials for your continued spiritual growth.

In Christ,
Patty Christopulos

President of Light & Life
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“If the Church Fathers had such great love and respect for books, can we today who are called to carry their torch and pass it on to coming generations do less?” Anthony M. Coniaris, Introducing the Orthodox Church ~ Its Faith and Life